This interview was filmed just after the patient had received his third stem cell treatment. Previously just after the first two treatments he has able to walk one mile. Before that he could not even walk 50 feet!

Mary, Tampa, FL.

Just to let you know how my dad is doing after treatment.
We arrived at your clinic on 1/3/17. He received detox and stem cell treatment during 10 days there. On 1/27/17 he was able to take a bath without oxygen for the first time in almost a year. He now has a much more positive outlook and feels much better overall. I didn’t think the treatment would be working so fast, as I was told at the clinic that usually takes 1-3 months to see improvement. This is unbelievable!!!


San Francisco, CA

My son was born prematurely and had been placed in an incubator. I don’t know if his pre-mature birth caused his future epilepsy problems or it was a defect genetically. As he was growing up he had to use medications to control his symptoms. At around 4 yrs of age, I became extremely worried, because the medications were losing their effectiveness and the seizures were coming on more frequently. My son would cry and cry that he wanted to go to a nearby pre-school to interact with other children, I was scared to let him go anywhere due to his illness. At this point I was fed up and decided to look for something that would help my son function normally. I found Regenerix Clinic and decided to go to take him to Baja, Mexico. My son received 4 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture and  stem cell cocktail treatment. The months after his treatment I noticed his seizures were less frequent and shorter in duration (about 2 seconds). Now nine months later my son is off medications, can completely form words and can communicate much better. The seizures are almost non-existant and and I worry less. I am lucky I found Regenerix.

Dawn Betencourt

My father is 82 years old and we took him to Regenerix Clinic on August 27, 2018 in hope of strengthening his enlarged and weak heart. In 2017 he underwent a mechanical aortic heart valve replacement and has been on Coumadin (blood thinning agent) ever since. By the beginning of 2018, due to a leakage in the artificial heart valve (according to the surgeon), his heart muscle weakened to 3.5 (4.0 being the worst condition possible). At this time the miral valve was leaking as well and the surgeon, after extensive tests in May 2018, felt that my father’s heart could not withstand the repair of these two heart valves and offered him no hope.
By July 2018, my father’s breathing was quite difficult due to constant accumulation of fluid in his lungs ( was taking Furosemide 20-40 mg daily) and he required oxygen most nights for at least one hour. Just sitting in his chair and moving his upper body 8 inches in one direction. We started him on the following supplements: COQ10 1 tsp, Ginkgo Biloba 1 tsp, Grape Seed Extract 1 tsp, Germanium, ATP 20, Pyraloe TM 1 tsp, Full Spectr Vit 1 pk, Garlic EDTA, Argenine, Carnitine 2g, Bromalein, Ozone Water, Vit C, Vit E 200 IU, Ginseng, Carrot juice, Red Beet juice. None of this seemed to be helping much, so we decided to head to Regenerix and start him on stem cells. After the treatment, my father no longer needs the oxygen to get him through the night and his breathing is not as stressful as before. There has been a noticeable improvement in his condition and thanks to your chelation detox and stem cell therapy his condition has been reversed. We will definitely be coming back to Regenerix again for a tune -up!!!

Sincerely- Father Joseph Norris

Three years ago I was in acute congestive heart failure with pitting edema (4 ) . I could not wear shoes any longer. I suffered from acute respiratory distress, particulary nocturnal. I was no longer able to function in any work capacity and no longer slept in a bed. I was able to get a few minutes sleep each hour of each night. My current physicians had pushed my Lasix intake to 360 mgs per day, along with 40mgs of Accurpril and 10mgs of Zaraczyin. All my renal studies were showing major damage with the promise of renal dialysis looming on the horizon. Since my detox treatment and live cells at the clinic I have been able to reduce the Lasix to 120mgs per day, the Accupril from 40 to 30mgs per day and eliminate the Zaraxzyin completely. My renal studies are back in to reference laboratory levels.
My prognosis had been given to me three years ago as moribound. Today, I am much improved and able to do some self care and teach a few classes again. I consider the live cell therapy and stem cells to be miraculous treatmenst,  which definately have saved my life. My thanks to you and my total support by this letter as a testimony to this  therapy.

Melvin Rodriguez, Miami, FL.

Doctor Espinoza,

I am writing again to thank you for providing me with the right therapies to keep me healthy and going strong. As you recall, I had a heart attack 17 years ago and prostate cancer 15 years ago. I did not have any heart surgery, but I did have the prostate removed at that time. Your heart healthy stem cell treatments, which I took at your clinic every six months helped me regain maximum heart function.. Over these past years the treatments have kept me vibrant and strong enjoying life to the fullest. I am still riding horses, skiing in Colorado and climbing mountains in China. I continue to feel great and will be a loyal patient for years, I will personally recommend your  treatments to anyone that needs them!!

Donald K. New York

I developed heart disease in 2003 and despite numerous heart attacks and angioplasties, had done quite well. In November of 2016, I suddenly developed atrial fibrillation and my ability to function went way downhill. My cardiologist attempted to resolve the issue with cardioversion and medication, but neither were effective.
During 2017, things worsened, and I was unable to walk more than 100 feet without shortness of breath, nor could I sleep unless I had 3-4 pillows under my head. At that point, I was fortunate enough to contact Regenerix Clinic, and began on a comprehensive program of live cell and stem cell treatments. Shortly after starting, I began to feel better, and this improvement continued since the start of therapy. In a couple of months my heart rhythm became normal again. Although I likely will never have the vigor that I had prior to 2003, my health is now excellent—my ability to walk is no longer limited, I sleep normally, my energy level is excellent, and I am able to keep up with most normal people in the gym. Looking at me, you would never think that I’ve ever suffered from heart disease.

Walter Vespa, Little Rock, Arkansas

I’ve tried for years to find information relating to cell therapy. I was looking for high quality live cell treatment at a reasonable price. For example if I sent patients to Switzerland to obtain cell therapy, it will cost many thousands of dollars. I needed a therapy that was affordable and worked quickly for the patient. If my patients could see the results quickly, this would be very good for my practice. Anti-aging factors are a big concern for many of my patients and fortunately I found your clinic. So far the patients that I have sent to you for anti -aging therapy have noticed improvement in their health, skin texture, joint problems and hair thickness with less graying. Most feel more energy and had such a great time in Mexico -they want to go back in the future for additional treatment! Thanks to the excellent live cell therapy at your clinic and reasonable prices!

Anthony Downs N.D., C.C.N.

Dear Dr. Espinoza,
I have been providing cell therapy for my patients for the past twenty five years. My first introduction to cell therapy was at Dr. Peter Rothschild’s clinic in Mexico where I worked at the time. We had a middle-aged male patient with depression. Dr. Rothschild gave the patient an injection of brain cells, and by the next day the patient reported feeling significantly better. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. I have since seen much improvement in patients as a result of receiving live cell therapy.
Years later, I myself was in need of therapy. I no longer had access to live cells, as I was no longer at the clinic in Mexico. I had started my own clinic in Dallas, TX and my adrenal glands had exhausted due to the stress of tremendous work load. I tried supplementing vitamin C, pantothenic acid, awagandha, eleuthero, dessicated bovine adrenal tissue and licorice to support my adrenal glands. Although I improved with the supplements, I was just never able to reach a point where they were strong enough to prevent the afternoon slumps in energy, insomnia, hypoglycemia and other symptoms of adrenal fatigue. After receiving an adrenal cell live therapy program at your clinic, my adrenal glands recovered and the need to support them with all the supplements I was taking became unnecessary.

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