We offer a wide variety of rejuvenation procedures.


The correct way to fully rejuvenate the body and look younger is to work on the OUTSIDE and INSIDE of the body. Our regenerative therapies are many, but not all are suited for each patient. Treatment process is determined according to the anti-aging goal of each individual



PLATELET RICH PLASMA -For facial, hair, tissue and joint rejuvenation.

MESOTHERAPY- Microinjections of vtamins,minerals,collagen,elastin and olglioelements. Used for facial and hair rejuevenation. Functions by stimulating fibroblast cells in the skin to produce more collagen.In the scalp it stimulates blood flow and provides essential nutients to the hair follicle, resulting in thicker, denser hair growth.


RESTYLANE- Injectable fillers from a non-animal source. Usally lasts 12 months.


BOTOX- When injected into the skin Botox inhibits muscle movement, which prevents wrinkles from developing or worsening.


CRETIFIED HUMAN PLACENTA INJECTIONS- Fights fatigue, treats insomnia, and combats aging. .It's a complex of placental compounds—including hormones, growth factors, and immune molecules.


STEM CELL REJUVA - Anti-aging combination of stem cells and Bio-Nutrin.


REJUVADETOX- Intravenous combination of EDTA chelation, vitamin C, L-glutathione andBio-nutrin.


This procedure is a complete facial rejuvenation medical treatment that is done without surgery and which is based on the latest scientific knowledge on biological cell regeneration. The treatment is performed with stem cells which are applied to the entire facial area resulting in a completely natural appearance, overall improvement in coloration, texture, shine and skin tone producing a much younger, vibrant and fresh look.

Some of our treatments can include the optional application of stem cells to the hands and neck for a more complete natural look, the application of collagen and PRP (plasma rich) injections™, fat transfer for added volume, lip augmentation, peeling and hyaluronic acid. This therapy can be done in one or two days.


This treatment is the same as REGENERLIFT, but with the addition of three intravenous stem cells treatments for a whole body rejuevenation effect. This therapy can be done in one week.


 The discreet and subtle option best suited for 40 to 85-year-olds, they rev up collagen production, are less radical than the surgical option, but do have lifting benefits significant enough to make a noticeable difference.

Usually four to 16 threads are applied in a treatment, requiring a local anaesthetic, that can last from 20 minutes to an hour.

Expect mild to moderate swelling, but recovery time is on average one to two days.

“This is for patients who look in the mirror, pull up the skin on the sides of their face and say ‘I want to look like this’

They want some minimal to moderate lifting as well as some skin rejuvenation and vibrancy.

The threads, which come in different lengths, are pulled up to create the lift and can be successfully combined with filler and other treatments.

The results last from 10 to 18 months, however the collagen boost goes on for longer and can be followed by touch-ups