"I came to Dr. Munoz February (2009) and I feel very fortunate to have found him and the doctors and staff at the San Diego Clinic. I personally know how difficult you situation must be. I am now 62 years old and have been in this battle for 5 years. I never thought this would happen to me. I have metastasized breast cancer that went to the liver, spleen, bone and lung. I am her2 positive. Dr. Munoz was able to turn me around. I am doing well now. The last 3 years has been very tough. I have done both traditional and alternative. I had surgery and did three rounds of chemos: low dose taxil and herceptin in the US, the other two with Dr. Munoz. If you were to meet me you would never know what I have gone through. I look great and have good energy, a reflection of the treatment protocol, and knowledge of Dr. Munoz.
The facilities are not fancy like you find in the US but they are clean and the staff and doctors are warm, caring and VERY knowledgeable. If you need understanding of the protocol they are glad to help. No matter how small the medical problem or discomfort, ask them for help. You will have time with many other very wonderful patients whose journeys are amazing and inspiring. Since many have been on this journey for a while they offer great knowledge and support. Some have known Dr. Munoz for years and have come back to him for themselves or for other family members.
Finding the right treatment and doctors is a full time project for a new cancer patient. Not only are you sick but if you research cancer you will quickly find few have solutions that really work. I was deeply fortunate to find Dr. Munoz and it was not any easy journey. You are fortunate to have found him. May your journey lead you to back to health."

Jan W. - Breast Cancer Patient

 "My experience with San Diego Clinic has been a very positive one.  After battling stage 4 breast  cancer in the states, with no success, I researched any place that provided alternative medicine. I came up with San Diego Clinic, founded by Dr. Munoz;  It offers everything that makes sense.  Dr. Munoz is not only an incredible doctor, but also  a very  caring  one.  He designs a tailor-made protocal for your particular disease.  He and his staff work well together and care very much as they help you through your treatment.   He has been blessed with tremendous wisdom to develop these special treatments for each patient.  After 4 and 1/2 months of vitamin therapy and chemotherapy, my C-scan  and blood work showed the cancer was gone.  I am deeply grateful to God for leading me to this fine clinic."

Jan H. - Breast Cancer Patient


"I was directed to the San Diego Clinic after a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2004.  My experience at the clinic has been excellent.  I was always treated with the utmost respect, compassion and kindness.




Upon arriving at the clinic, Dr. Munoz reviewed the previous biopsy and ultrasound results.  Further testing was done and the results were explained to me, giving me a good understanding of the status of my disease.  Dr. Munoz explained in detail the treatment options available to me and the expected timetable of results.  All questions were answered with clarity and patience.


I then began a treatment program which was continued at home.  Within weeks I started seeing results.  Follow up visits confirmed that my cancer was and still is in remission 5 years from my original diagnosis.


I am very grateful to have had this experience."




Vicki P. - 6 Years Ovarian Cancer free

June 12, 2013

I developed heart disease in 1996 and despite numerous heart attacks and angioplasties, had done quite well. In November of 2010, I suddenly developed atrial fibrillation and my ability to function went way downhill. My cardiologist attempted to resolve the issue with cardioversion and medication, but neither were effective.
During 2011, things worsened, and I was unable to walk more than 100 feet without shortness of breath, nor could I sleep unless I had 3-4 pillows under my head. At that point, I was fortunate enough to contact SDC, and began on a comprehensive program. Shortly after starting, I began to feel better, and this improvement continued since the start of therapy. In a couple of months my heart rhythm became normal again. Although I likely will never have the vigor that I had prior to 1996, my health is now excellent—my ability to walk is no longer limited, I sleep normally, my energy level is excellent, and I am able to keep up with most normal people in the gym. Looking at me, you would never think that I’ve ever suffered from heart disease. Dr.K. New York



- * Dr. K.

has taken Heart, Placenta, Thymus, Lung, Brain Total and Heart Combo during his program.



Just to let you know how my dad is doing after treatment.
We arrived at your clinic on 1/13/12. He received detox and live cell treatment during 10 days there. On 1/27/12 he was able to take a bath without oxygen for the first time in almost a year. He now has a much more positive outlook and feels much better overall. I didn’t think the treatment would be working so fast, as I was told at the clinic that usually takes 1-3 months to see improvement. This is unbelievable!!!




- Mary




My father is 82 years old and we took him to San Diego Clinic on August 27, 2009 in hope of strengthening his enlarged and weak heart. In 1999 he underwent a mechanical aortic heart valve replacement and has been on Coumadin (blood thinning agent) ever since. By the beginning of 2008, due to a leakage in the artificial heart valve (according to the surgeon), his heart muscle weakened to 3.5 (4.0 being the worst condition possible). At this time the miral valve was leaking as well and the surgeon, after extensive tests in May 2008, felt that my father’s heart could not withstand the repair of these two heart valves and offered him no hope.
By July 2008, my father’s breathing was quite difficult due to constant accumulation of fluid in his lungs ( was taking Furosemide 20-40 mg daily) and he required oxygen most nights for at least one hour. Just sitting in his chair and moving his upper body 8 inches in one direction. We started him on the following supplements: COQ10 1 tsp, Ginkgo Biloba 1 tsp, Grape Seed Extract 1 tsp, Germanium, ATP 20, Pyraloe TM 1 tsp, Full Spectr Vit 1 pk, Garlic EDTA, Argenine, Carnitine 2g, Bromalein, Ozone Water, Vit C, Vit E 200 IU, Ginseng, Carrot juice, Red Beet juice. None of this seemed to be helping much, so we decided to head to Tijuana and start him on the live cell. After the treatment, my father no longer needs the oxygen to get him through the night and his breathing is not as stressful as before. There has been a noticeable improvement in his condition and thanks to your chelation detox and live cell therapy his condition has been reversed. We will definitely be coming back to SDC again for a tune -up!!!



Thanks Again

- Dawn Betencourt

"I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002. I had one of the standard treatment options offered in the US for treating the disease. Things were fine until 2006 when the cancer recurred.  At this point I had radiation treatments but the cancer continued to grow. I tried some IV therapy in the US but with no success.  I went to numerous US doctors seeking help but received little hope of a good long term outcome from any of them. My conclusion was that the doctors knew their standard protocols offered little hope and therefore many of them had given up finding a cure or way to manage the disease. I had always been an active person and never had any debilitating symptoms. When I was told I had cancer I kept thinking that my body was strong and I just needed someone who could help me get my body to deal with the cancer. I heard about Dr. Munoz through Suzzane Somers book Knockout. I
n 2010 I decided to go meet Dr. Munoz and form an opinion about whether he could help me. He did some blood tests , sat me down in his office , looked me right in the eye  and said ,“I think I can help you”. He was the first doctor that had offered me any hope for many years. I spent four weeks in Dr. Munoz’ clinic receiving a variety of treatments focused on my individual circumstances. During that time I interacted with him, his nurses, and staff. I found everyone one I dealt with to be professional, caring, and committed to helping me get better. It is now December 2010 and I have improved a great deal but still have a ways to go. I have not met anyone in my journey and battle with cancer that I would rather have in my corner than Dr. Munoz. I know no matter what happens he will never give up on me."

L.B Oregon. -

"It has been our privilege to be associated with the San Diego Clinic since experiencing a re-occurrence of my wife’s breast cancer in the summer of 2009.  After speaking with Dr. Munoz and visiting his clinic, it was clear we had arrived at the level of expertise and care that we had hoped for.  We look back and realize we have been so blessed to have had the opportunity for alternative treatment under theent with encouragement and precision.
The greatest compliment I can pay care of Dr. Filibeto Munoz.
A totally individualized, custom protocol treating the specific cancer infecting Jan’s body has brought about amazing results.  There was no ‘shot in the dark, hope so’ lack of strategy.  Everything was with purpose and expected results.  Dr. Munoz and his qualified and caring staff facilitated treatm to Dr. Munoz is that he was instrumental in giving our family a bright future that included a wife, mom and best friend.  Jan is doing very well, following strict post treatment protocol, and confident being in touch and remaining in communication with Dr. Munoz."

Jack Hamlin, Husband of Jan Hamlin

Sometimes we meet someone who makes a difference in our life. In January 2007, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Filiberto Muñoz and Dr. Martha Sanchez. Not only did they make a difference in my life, I believe they have saved my life. My journey in dealing with ovarian cancer brought me to them after a Western medicine doctor, who in October 2006, wanted to do massive major surgery followed by intense chemotherapy. If I consented to this treatment I might have lived two months.
Dr. Muñoz and Dr. Sanchez gave me the gift of HOPE. They felt they could get the cancer under control using various alternative treatments. They understood my major concern to enjoy quality of life. They let me know that this is a very difficult cancer to deal with but they have much ammunition for the battle. I understand that we will have to keep changing aspects of the treatment to stay ahead of the cancer.
Working with them for several months in 2007, my blood/tumor marker number was in the normal range by August 2007 and stayed that way until August 2008 when the marker started to elevate. Once again the Doctors started another program which I am following now. Aspects of the treatment plan change to deal with the cancer and help my immune system to continue to do the battle. I’m happy to say the marker is again normal.
Dr. Muñoz and Dr. Sanchez have been incredible. Their compassion, wisdom and experience have been remarkable. I am so lucky and so grateful to have met them and to be working with them. Anyone that is in contact with cancer or has a loved one dealing with cancer, I recommend they talk with Dr. Muñoz. Now with the addition of Jennifer to help coordinate telephone calls, appointments, faxes and emails for the Doctors, there is always immediate access and response. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Muñoz, Dr. Sanchez and the wonderful staff at San Diego Clinic.

Ruth Wagner. - 3 years Ovarian Cancer free