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Cancer is an illness which can have many origins. Epstein barr virus is at the top of the list.This virus may be contracted at birth (if the mother is carries it) or through personal contact due to a low immune system. Other causes of this illness are heavy metals,such as mercury, lead, aluminum. Overexposure to 5G wavelengths. History of abuses, such as heavy cigarette smoking, etc. Low immune system. Bad dietary habits. Hormone imbalance. 
Here at Regenerix Clinic, we have to work like a private investigator into your past medical history, because each person and case is different. 
Treatments we use are the following:

 PNC-27-​This anticancer peptide, contains an HDM-2-binding domain corresponding to residues 12-26 of p53 and a transmembrane-penetrating domain, has been found to eliminate cancer cells (but not normal cells) by inducing membranolysis. 

BLUE SCORPION EXTRACT- ​The peptide, chlorotoxin, is the same chemical that  paralyzes a scorpion’s prey. In one study, published in 2015 by Science Daily,  researchers found that these peptides bind specifically to cancer cells and shrink  and destroy them. The blue scorpion is only found in Cuba.    


CHELATION THERAPY- ​EDTA is a substance that binds and removes metals and minerals in the body. It is a synthetic, or man-made, amino acid that is delivered intravenously. This procedure helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury and lead. 
LATERILE - ​Laetrile is made up of glucose, hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. When injected into the body, laetrile is broken down by an enzyme called rhodanese, which is present in healthy cells. This breaks it down into two by-products, thiocyanate and benzoic acid, which are beneficial in nourishing healthy cells. Cancer cells do not have the enzyme rhodanese, they have a different enzyme called beta-glucosidase. Beta-glucosidase reacts with Laetrile, causing the hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde to combine. This reaction destroys the cancer cells
 Regenerix clinic treatment combines laetrile with Vitamin C and DMSO to enhance the effect.

MORONEL- The moronel plant has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of cancer. It stimulates the elimination of cancer cells and softens tumors, to later dis attach them. Also, it prevents the formation of cancer cells. This in turn prevents the cancer from growing in other parts of the body. We have had cases of patients who start treatment with stage 4 cancer and in 2 months their tumor markers are out of danger.

Here at Regenerix Clinic we are constantly adding new therapeutic protocols, please call or message us for updates.